Far Infrared Sauna For Sauna SPA Slimming Negative Ion Detox Therapy Personal Fir Infrared Sauna Room Folding Chair in Sanitary Ware Suite from Home Improvement

Far Infrared Sauna For Sauna SPA Slimming Negative Ion Detox Therapy Personal Fir Infrared Sauna Room Folding Chair in Sanitary Ware Suite from Home Improvement
Far Infrared Sauna For Sauna SPA Slimming Negative Ion Detox Therapy Personal Fir Infrared Sauna Room Folding Chair in Sanitary Ware Suite from Home Improvement
Far Infrared Sauna For Sauna SPA Slimming Negative Ion Detox Therapy Personal Fir Infrared Sauna Room Folding Chair in Sanitary Ware Suite from Home Improvement
Far Infrared Sauna For Sauna SPA Slimming Negative Ion Detox Therapy Personal Fir Infrared Sauna Room Folding Chair in Sanitary Ware Suite from Home Improvement
Far Infrared Sauna For Sauna SPA Slimming Negative Ion Detox Therapy Personal Fir Infrared Sauna Room Folding Chair in Sanitary Ware Suite from Home Improvement
Far Infrared Sauna For Sauna SPA Slimming Negative Ion Detox Therapy Personal Fir Infrared Sauna Room Folding Chair in Sanitary Ware Suite from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Model Number: FS-0007

Brand Name: AEJSTMUN

Material: High quality fireproof fabric

Component: Sauna Room

Nice Function: Negative ION heater

Heating Design: 3pcs mica heating elements with 1pcs heating foot pads

Relax Yourself: With a folding chair

Warranty: One year

Plug type: EU/US/AU/JP/UK

Timer: 0-60 Minutes

Voltage Power: 110V/220V 750W


Main Features  :
1. Buring calories and sweat off your extra fat then keep slim and healthy.
2. With no steam and no thermo of the ordinary sauna, you will still sweat all over your body when you use the fir.
3. Dry heat - detoxifying - energizing - beautifying slimming - a feeling of well-being.
4. Easy to operate with smart wilress remote control to set time and temperature.
5. This unique high quality portable sauna with exclusive beneficial feature finally can be affordable and used in privacy of your home or apartment or any living environment without large spaces & special communications for it.
6. More safe and eco-friendly with CE, SASO ,ROHS, FCC approvals.
7. Home Spa, No worry about privacy and public bathing,with Foldable Chair.
8. 3pcs Fir Heating pads with 1pcs Foot Heating pad ,Foldable Chair can loading 100kgs. 
The maximum temperature is 75 degrees Celsius.
9. Technical Data:
Voltage Power: AC110V-220V/60HZ/50HZ 750W,
Plug type: US, EU,AU ,UK Plug.
Size of Tent: L70 X W80 X H100 CM.
Material of Tent: polished & choiced cloth outside, PVC coated material inside with cotton in the middle.
Package Included: Sauna Tent,Heating Foot Pad ,Remote Control, Folding Chair, Operating Manual .

Benefits From Infrared Sauna : Weight Loss, Calories Burned,Relaxes tired and aching muscles,Relieves joint and muscle pains, improves circulation,Helps keep skin healthy,Improves bodytone,Rapid relief for arthritis and rheumatism, Lessen your pressure and tension and give you a nice sleep,excellent treatment for relaxing your pore and tired muscles.

Suitable For The Crowd:People in Sub-health,Women Postpartum recovery,Body shaping or Slimming, Aches of muscle, shoulders, necks, waist, knee joint and ,People in insomnia,People with high mental pressure etc.
Installation procedures:
1.To open the Sauna Box , put the Pe-foam on the bottom and lay the folding chair in the housing . Build the Sauna Box inside the wall to keep it standing . 
2 . Plug the power cord into the power socket 
3 . Using the Hand-held controller to set up the time and temp 
4 . It is suggested that pre-heat the Sauna Box and the foot pad for five minutes . Use of the foot pad depends on individual preference .
5 . When all the time and temp has been set up , a suggestion is to drink a cup of 300-500 cc's of water . Then sit in the Sauna , close the zipper and relax 
6 . After using the Sauna , unplug and pull out the power cord.
How to use the far infrared sauna remote control?
1.Press ON/OFF key to start the instrument. The indicating light will be on.
2.Press FOOT key to heat the foot bottom. It has three levels.
3.Press SET key to set temperature first, then pres
s Up and Down .
4.Press SET key again to set time, then press Up or Down to adjust the time.
5.TIME: totally 0-60 minutes,1 minute will increase or decrease for each press of up  or down key.
Clean & storage of the sauna:
1.Dry the water from the PE-foam of the sauna box after using.
2.Open the zipper to ventilate,Pack and store after heat has dissipated.
3.Use clean damp cloth to wipe off,and then fold.No need to wash,Don't use cleaning agents or solvents.

Customer questions & answers


1:We usually ship item out within 1-5 days after the payment cleared.

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3:Please kindly do not 1-3 low scores on shipping cause the overseas shipping will be affectedby many factors such as Customs processing, Post strike etc.

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Tax Issue:

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Defective Items:

What shall I do for the defective items if I get it ?

1:If it can works normally and just minor points, please take photos or videos and contact our sales and they will solve it.

2:If it cannot work, our sales will double check then provide you reasonable solution.


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